The Best Ways to Find An Affordable Wedding Photographer

The total cost of a wedding continues to increase as time progresses. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is one factor that a couple must consider when it comes to budgeting for a beautiful ceremony. Fortunately, there are some strategies one can use to find a photographer who offers reasonable rates. Let’s look at the best ways to find an affordable wedding photographer.

bride and groomContact Seasoned Wedding Photographers

It is not unusual for seasoned wedding photographers to have a friend who is up and coming. Contact a wedding photographer you respect, but might be out of your price range. Give them your wedding budget and ask them if they know someone who is within your price range. This simple tip can help you leverage an experienced photographer for several leads.

Some of these leads may help you find a talented independent that can provide professional work at a lower price. Upstarts are well-known for sacrificing high prices for the sake of building their portfolio.

For example, when I found George’s website,, I was able to talk to George and get the perfect referral for my event. This allowed me to get in touch with a great up and comer for an amazing price. This is exactly the best practice to go with if you’re looking for quality work at an affordable price. In most cases, photographers with a great reputation will only refer you to people they trust. This is why I would put this as my #1 tip if you’re looking to save some money in this department. Find a good photographer, see what they charge and if it is out of your budget, ask for references that they might know.

Browse Through Wedding Photographer Listings

Wedding photographer listing sites gives professional wedding photographers an opportunity to market their services. There are many wedding photographer listings online today. Browsing through several of them can help you find someone who will be ideal for your wedding and pocketbook. It is imperative for you to get at least four quotes from four credible photographers. This will help you get the best deal.

Social Media Sites

Social media sites are ideal platforms for anyone interested in announcing their needs or services. You can find many inexpensive talented wedding photographers promoting their services on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Again, you can start off by contacting seasoned wedding photographers, browsing through wedding photographer listings, and social media sites can help you find a reasonable photographer for your upcoming special day with ease.

Photo Booth Rental in Boston – Enhance Your Wedding Ceremony

photo booth rentalThere are many reasons to rent a photo booth at your wedding in Boston, MA. There are so many great things about a photo booth and when you put one up at your wedding you are going to love the results. You are going to love all of the craziness that happens, and you are going to love the memories that are made because of the photo booth.

We know that there are a lot of photo booth rental services in Boston, so we wanted to reach out to our good friends at Posey Pose. You can get some great tips for what you can do with a photo booth on their facebook page. You can also visit their page if you’re interested in a photo booth rental.

Here are a few of the reasons that you should consider setting up a photo booth at your wedding.

What Makes A Photo Booth So Great

A photo booth is an opportunity for your guests to have a great time together. It is an opportunity for your guests to take some wacky pictures and to leave with some fun memories.

And, not only will the photo booth be great for your guests, but it will also be great for you. When you have a photo booth set up then your guests will be more likely to take photos of themselves. And, that way you’ll be left with more pictures from your big day.

What To Put In A Photo Booth

The more fun you make the photo booth the better. When you are looking for items to include in it choose anything that is fun. Pick out some big classes, some fake mustaches, and some frilly hats. Choose some frames to hold around the guest’s faces, and choose some scarves and jewelry. Your guests will have fun with all of the props that you offer them, and they will be much more likely to take pictures of themselves if they can goof off while doing so.

Photo Booths Make For Great Memories

A lot of memories will be made on your wedding day, and a photo booth is just another way of assuring that fond memories will be made by all. Your guests and their friends and families will have a good time in the photo booth together, and you will all be able to look back on the pictures that are taken for years to come. You’ll get many a wacky photo out of the photo booth, and you’ll have a great time looking through all of them in the time following the wedding day.

So, if you are looking for a good way to make sure that all of your guests will have a blast at your wedding, and if you are looking for a good way to make sure that a lot of pictures are taken at your wedding, then you are going to want to have a photo booth set up at it. There is no better way of getting all of your guests to relax and have a good time than by setting up a photo booth and encouraging them to get crazy. Everyone will love the props that you put out, and everyone will leave with good memories from your wedding. You and your guests are just going to love the crazy pictures that are taken in the photo booth at your wedding.

Preparing the Wedding Invitations for Mailing

The big day is around the corner and you have finally gone to pick up the invitations from the printers. You’ve received a lot of goodies, however, you have no idea how all of these fit together. There is a specific order in which all the little bits and bobs go into the envelope, bearing in mind that you usually have two envelopes as well.

This can seem a little bit overwhelming, however, by understanding a little more of what goes where, this shouldn’t be a problem. These are mere guidelines, however, if you have decided to do things a little differently and spice it up, your are only bound by your imagination. Invitations have been going out in a variety of formats, including boxes, bottles and email.

The inner and outer envelope

The inner envelope is more of a decorative envelope that is usually embossed and only has the names of the invitees on them. It is also not gummed and, therefore, is not sealed. The outer envelope houses this envelope and has the addressee’s initials and surname/s and the address on it. Your details will appear on the flap on the back of the envelope. You may include another envelope inside that has a stamp on it should you require the RSVP to be mailed back to you.

Additions to the inner envelope other than the invite

Invites often include other documents important to the order of the day, including maps, RSVP information, information on lodges or accommodation nearby, reception information and special information. This may include information on the venue, especially if it requires the parents to constantly supervise small children. Information on the gift registry may also be included here.

The order of things in the inner envelope

The print of the invitation needs to be on the outside. When the invitee opens the inner envelope and takes out the invitation, the writing needs to be the first thing they see. If you have more bits and pieces in the envelope, they need to go in front of the invitation. Best practice is to have a sheet of tissue paper separating the invitation for the rest of the contents. The names on the inner envelope should face the back of the outer envelope.

The best time to get the invitations out

Invites need to go out at least 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. This gives out-of-towners the opportunity to make the necessary arrangements for travel and accommodation.

Tips for Choosing a Banquet Hall

The process of preparing and planning one’s wedding starts with looking for the best partner. Many other preparations ensue such as buying the jewelry, choosing wedding venues, and then the banquet hall. As such, this article offers a few tips to guide you as you settle for the best banquet hall. Read on to discover the considerations you have to bear in mind while choosing a banquet hall.


First, you have to understand that weddings are not the same. Since your wedding will be unique and different from all others, you have to consider the theme and style of your matrimony before you settle for a wedding banquet hall. Undertake enough research until you find a hall that fits into your criteria. We tend this banquet hall Chicago has in order to create a proper guideline.

The size of the banquet hall in question should be factored in before you choose any. The size of the banquet hall you go for will be determined by the number of guests who will be in attendance. To avoid last minute embarrassments, you should go for a venue that allows you enough space to accommodate all your guests and to treat them to their satisfaction. For you to get the most spacious banquet hall out there, you should take time and sample numerous ones until you settle for the most commodious.

The location of the banquet hall is another consideration that ought to be born in mind as you do your search. The location of the hall should be looked at relation to the location of the actual wedding. Basically, the location of the wedding venue and banquet hall should not be a big distance apart. You should make it easy for your guests to access the hall after they come out of the weeding. Many of the guests may not attend the banquet after the wedding if it is to take place several kilometers, for instance.

Further, your budget should be critically considered as you shop for the best hall to hold your after-wedding feast. Before you commit yourself by booking any banquet hall, you should first consider your budget. Since the hall may come with a number of other accessorial facilities, you should ask yourself whether you have adequate money to go for the accessories or just enough to purchase the hall alone. You should also consider the cost of the various halls out there before you settle for the most reasonable deal. Make use of your haggling abilities and negotiate until you clinch the best deal.

Choosing a Wedding Dress

Apart from the food and the reception venue (assuming you are having a reception because the modern bride on a budget has come to realize that she doesn’t need one) the thing that most people are interested in is the wedding dress. Of course, they should all be interested in the significance of two different people coming to unite as one but seriously these days, who does that? With that being said, it is obvious how important it is for the bride to be informed about choosing a wedding dress. After all aside from the expectations and anxiety the beginning of the rest of your life in a partnership with someone you truly love and who loves you back should be done in fine style.

Know Your Body Type

Whilst we are all for women who are proud of their bodies irrespective of the shapes and sizes, it is actually true that some styles are suitable for some body types and a simple illustration will show you why. Have you ever as a short, well endowed girl worn a fully vertically striped outfit? Or have you as a tall, slender girl worn something loose-fitting like jeggings? Flattering wasn’t it. In case you missed the sarcasm there, the point is that whilst there are styles out there for everyone, everyone does not fit into each style.

Some customer service representatives at wedding dress shops will help you and those who accompany you to choose your wedding dress to find the perfect dress that suits your body type. However some are just unashamedly there for the commission so it is in your best interest to go in armed with a little research up your sleeve. Do a quick Google search to find your general body type and work out finding the perfect dress for you from there.

TIP: Do NOT, we repeat DO NOT take the whole battalion with you to choose your dress.

Know Your Skin Tone

Another factor many forget is that although you may want a white wedding dress, there are in fact many shades of white. Therefore, once again you need to go on a Google quest to find out the shades of white that compliment your skin tone. Without giving away too much, because we actually want you to explore this point for yourself, depending on how light or dark your skin tone is, some shades of white can make you look extremely pale, like a day ghost if ever such a thing exists and others simply make you look luminous like you shine from within.

TIP: Do NOT, we repeat DO NOT go into a wedding dress store or worse order one online without knowing which shade suits you.

Last Thoughts

So, armed with all these tips remember your wedding day is exactly that- YOURS. Therefore, when in doubt the deal making and/or deal breaking factor should be how comfortable you feel in the dress. So a rule of thumb to go by is no matter how mommy, your future mother-in-law (even if she is a monster –in-law) or your BFF feels about the dress, if you’re not feeling it then don’t say yes to the dress! If you don’t like it from the get go it will not grow on you and you will always regret not making the decision for yourself.

All the very best and happy hunting!

What You Should Wear Under Your Wedding Dress

You’ve got almost everything in place: you’ve got the venue for both the wedding ceremony and reception. The menu has been set. Flowers, photographers, souvenirs, dresses – you’ve got them. You ticked off every item on the checklist, which is absolutely great! Just to check however, did you recollect to prepare what goes beneath the dress? Remember that what’s under the dress is as important as the dress itself.

You’d be amazed at what a difference the right foundation garment can make to the way a dress fits and streams on you. In fact, the best wedding dress designers will ask you and help you plan what to wear with the outfit. They may even have it specially made for you.
Most designers would suggest that you wear a strapless bra on your wedding day, however, it can be uncomfortable if it doesn’t fit right (also the eternity weighing if its legitimately in place). If you’re wearing a backless wedding dress, you’d have to wear something that can’t be seen at all!

Before you set out looking for the unmentionables to run with your outfit, check the style, fit, and material of your dress. In some cases, you may select to wear a bustier bra instead. Keep in mind, a bra is meant to embrace your bends impeccably.

If you’re dress was designed to bare your back then look at the new line of bras and girdles that have fasteners at the waist. If you can’t find one you like, look for ones with an adhesive that sticks to your skin. Some people do have a allergic reaction to the adhesive, so be sure to try it first to make sure it does not irritate your skin, or you’ll be in for a long night.

If your dress is excessively sheer, the shading of your underwear may indicate through and ruin your look. It may be a good idea to wear a shade that matches your skin rather than white. It would be more subtle that way. You’ll also need to consider what really matters. Contingent upon the way your skirt is cut and its material, your panty line may show; especially if the style of your outfit is a nearby fit and the material drapes. One piece body huggers of an extremely thin material and a high cut would be phenomenal for avoiding this issue. Some even have waist shapers which will be abundantly appreciated by those ladies who wish to look svelte at their wedding.


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